Source Hydration: WLPS 3L / 100 Oz Low Profile Hydration Reservoir System w/ Storm Valve

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The Source WLPS 3L/ 100 Oz is the new Low Profile hydration pack, specially designed to leave more space in your ruck and be easier to insert when full. Source Hydration manufactures the world’s finest hydration systems with unsurpassed State of the Art technology. Maximum utilization of our low profile technology reduces the depth of the carrier making it a truly low profile hydration system.Upgrade Kit lets you upgrade your current hydration pack with a Source low profile reservoir for pure water taste. The WLPS 3L hydration reservoir technology benefits include the Source patented leakproof wide slide opening for easy cleaning, draining, ice insertion.: Taste-Free? System- Glass-Like? Liner technology in reservoir and tube delivers pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. Bacteria-Free? System- Grunge-Guard? Antimicrobial technology blocks bacterial growth for the life of the system. Care-Free? System- Glass-Like? Liner with Grunge-Guard? antimicrobial technologies eliminates the need for cleaning. For days, weeks and even months of use simply refill and drink again and again with no special care required. FDA Approved Materials- All materials in contact with the drinking water are FDA approved. Guaranteed safe and taste-free drinking water. Source WLPS 3L Hydration Kit includes: 2 Liter Reservoir, Drinking Tube with Cover, and Storm Valve?.


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