We at JEBCO take pride in providing optimized solutions to our partners and customers of wide base. Started as an Information Technology training and Services provider in 1993; in our 3 decades we have grown from IT services to logistics solutions, real estate services, retail business centers serving U.S defense bases, manpower services and tactical products. Grow with our partners is what we do.


Mossab Al Hamli

“As an insanely customer centric company,  we at JEBCO are committed to systematically manage our customers and partners requirements by continuously defining & monitoring their needs at all times. We want our customer’s to have the best experience with us every time, therefore we never stop looking for new ways to keep improving our services and to ensure satisfaction in every transaction. We value our business partners by adhering to the highest ethical & professional standards. It is our main goal to be acknowledged partners in their success stories. Thank you for your interest in our company.”