BrigadeQM M4 Universal Military Rifle & Pistol Cleaning Kit

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Brigade’s M4 Universal Field Gun Cleaning Kit is the standard military weapon cleaning kit used by all branches of the U.S. Military. The kit comes with bronze brushes for cleaning M16/M4 (5.56mm), 7.62mm NATO as well as 9mm and .45ACP combat pistols. The mild steel T-Handle Rod screws together with threaded rod sections for various lengths required for the M4/M16 AR and pistols. Handle does not swivel, which allows the chamber brush to twist for chamber cleaning. Kit components are stored in the Army LC-1 nylon pouch with Velcro closure internal compartment and snap closure cover flap. Attaches to ALICE field gear with a Slide Attaching Keeper. NSN 8465-00-781-9564, Case, Maintenance Equipment. M16A1 Rifle


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